1. The Gift card is the property of the issuing entity, Paganini Roma S.r.l., with registered office in Rome, via Giulio Curioni 37, Tax ID/VAT 05655871001, REA No. RM - 911866 , Share Capital subscribed and wholly paid up: 128,470.00 Euro, contact details are available in the "contacts" section of the website The Gift card holder is considered merely the custodian of it.

2. The Gift card may be purchased using the payment methods accepted in NUVOLARI Stores or on the website The Gift Card cannot be purchased using another Gift Card.

3. The Gift card that has not been used/intact may be returned at the following terms and conditions:

3.1 Only the gift card purchased on the website may be returned within ONE MONTH from the purchase or delivery date by NUVOLARI to the recipient, of the physical Gift card.

The sale of the aforementioned type of Gift card is subject to availability. The purchase price of the Gift card may be reimbursed through the same payment methods used for its purchase. For the refund it is required to show the original of the document proving Gift card purchase and, where necessary, the credit or debit card used to make the payment and the relevant receipt.

4. The Gift card may be used multiple times until the full value is used up.

5. The residual value of the Gift card available after each purchase shall consist of the difference between the residual available value before the purchase and the relevant amount used for said purchase. If the purchase price of the desired items is greater than the residual value of the Gift card, the difference must be paid using the payment methods accepted at NUVOLARI stores or on the website

6. The residual value of the Gift card will be provided directly at the checkout at the time of purchasing the items by using the Gift card at NUVOLARI Stores or in the information provided with the order confirmation for purchases made on the website The residual value of the Gift card may be checked at one of the NUVOLARI Stores or requested by email from

7. The items purchased by using the Gift card at one of the NUVOLARI Stores shall be subject to the same general terms and conditions of sale valid for any other item purchased at NUVOLARI Stores, where it is permitted to change said items within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The indicated return terms shall be understood as essential and as such, they are understood as expressly accepted at the time of purchase or use of the Gift card.

8. The Gift card shall have an unlimited duration starting from the date of purchase or delivery by NUVOLARI to the recipient.

9. The Gift card is not by name and may be used by anyone to purchase items. The Gift card holder is solely responsible for use and safekeeping of the Gift card. In case of theft, loss or damage, the Gift card shall not be replaced. NUVOLARI may replace the Gift card in the event of modification of the Gift card format.

10. For gift cards purchased on the website, NUVOLARI shall not be liable for failure or delay to receive said Gift card by the recipient due to force majeure and however for causes not attributable in any way and within the maximum limits permitted by the regulations in force to NUVOLARI such as, merely by way of example but not limited to: (i) poor operation or interruption of the telecommunication lines or systems, (ii) delay in the transmission of information or data or loss of information or data that may occur for one of the causes indicated in point (i) above, (iii) inaccuracy of the data of the Gift card’s recipient provided by the buyer of the Gift card

11. The gift cards obtained through any fraudulent or illegal means shall be considered null and ineffective, they may not be used to purchase items and the purchase price may not be refunded.

12. The Gift card may not be used for advertising or promotional purposes of products or services marketed by third parties extraneous to the entity issuing the Gift card, except following authorisation by said entity.

13. The purchase or use of the Gift card entails full acceptance of these general conditions, which have been provided to the customer at the time of purchase of the Gift card and are available at the NUVOLARI Stores and on the website

14. The Gift card is not understood in any way as an investment instrument and/or solicitation of savings.