This story begins in 1978 in the midst of the strong smelling second-hand American clothes, button down shirts and USA army trousers. Our urge to tell the world “we are here” was very strong, as were our youthful dreams.

NUVOLARI was born in 1985 from the dreams, contrasts, reality, from the uncontainable urge to be there.

Today Nuvolari is a laboratory created by fashion lovers for fashion lovers, where anyone can build their “identity”. In fact, we have believed in beauty and in fine craftsmanship for more than 30 years, and we reward the talent of those who are able to convey a collective emotion through a garment.

Our choices have been driven by passion, our daily life is enlivened by curiosity and our journey has been fed by the pursuit of excellence.

A journey that began many years ago that has enabled us to turn a challenge into a company able to interpret worldwide trends and fashion, by selecting the best national and international brands.

There are over 40 shops with the Nuvolari sign throughout the country, showcasing men’s image.

Our garments reflect global trends without neglecting the Italian style. Not designed to follow fashion, but to anticipate it. Garments designed to be worn by those who wish to stand out with class.

We do not believe that dressing is our only purpose, but we wish to inspire our customers. Because we know that behind each garment there is a message, a lifestyle, a subculture.

That is why our choices do not merely consider cuts and fabrics, but look at the attitude of the brands we represent at our stores. We think the time spent at Nuvolari is not merely shopping, but an experience, fed by the taste for discovery and the pleasure of validation.

We have been the spectators as well as the actors of great changes. We have come a long way and we will go even further together. We have grown and we continue evolving thanks to the taste, choices and loyalty of every customer.

We Are Nuvolari!